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Audio streaming with Raumfeld

Raumfeld wireless multiroom hifi
Audio Streaming Raumfeld
The Raumfeld multi-room system is comprised of active Wi-Fi speakers – both one speaker solutions and authentic stereo sets - that can be used individually or together for the ultimate whole house audio experience.

True wireless high fidelity

Raumfeld uniquely combines cutting-edge streaming components with premium audio hardware, a user friendly interface and a bold yet elegant design. Since the system is modular, it’s possible to enjoy full streaming functionality with a single speaker or expand the system for playing back the same or different music in each room of your home.

Your gateway to all the music in the world

Do you have a large collection of digital music files or do you use an online music service? Would you like to listen to radio stations from all over the world? Are you looking for an easy way to discover new music? The Raumfeld Controller App gives you uncomplicated access to your own digital music library as well as music services such as Spotify Connecty, Napster, TIDAL and TuneIn.

The Raumfeld Controller App

With the Raumfeld Controller App, you have ultimate control over your music - with maximum flexibility. Use any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet to control any Raumfeld device anywhere in your home to access all the music in the world. Radio stations from around the world, personal playlists and streaming services are all a finger tap away as is volume control and other sound settings.

Raumfeld streaming systems

Raumfeld offers streaming solutions for every room and use scenario from small one speaker solutions for kitchens and bathrooms (the One S and One M) to 3-way Wi-Fi stereo speakers (the Stereo M, the Cubes and the Stereo L) as well as a network player (Raumfeld Connector²) capable of transforming traditional stereo or home cinema systems into streaming units that can be integrated into your Raumfeld multi-room system.
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