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Introducing the latest in inexpensive PC Surround Sound Technology: The Concept E 100

Concept E 100

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  • 8 week trial
  • Up to 12 year guarantee
  • Directly from manufacturer
  • Inexpensive PC surround sound set for Teufel novices
  • Provides captivating and spatial multimedia sound
  • Mega What? 200 watt subwoofer with a 200 mm bass driver
  • 5 wide-band satellite speakers on table stands
  • Direct access to three front controllers
  • Sound optimised at a 15 sqm radius
Your easy entry into the Teufel world of 5.1 cinema systems
Concept E 100
Berliner Sound
This is the very latest reasonably priced entry-level access to Teufel multimedia Berliner sound. High quality German manufacturing brings you the Teufel Concept E 100 a 5 speaker set that is ultimately compatible with PC devices. The Concept E 100 will help you enter the world of surround sound for the PC at a very attractive price.

Starter Package
This is a starter set for sound novices who still know what good sound sounds like. The new Concept E series is constructed exactly like the top model Concept E 400. It has an active subwoofer with a very powerful 5.1 amplifier. The amplifier is connected to five identical satellite speakers for a harmonious sound quality.
Compact Set
This is from end to end an impressive sound experience with the Concept E 100 primarily designed for connection directly to the sound card outputs of any computer. When fed by the sound output from a desktop PC or notebook, the speaker set generates an impressive sound experience. It is the perfect set for your desk, your children’s bedroom, or wherever else you find room for this compactly made set.
Multi Use
This is not just a PC multimedia set, it is so much more. The Concept E 100 offers other options too: DVD player, CD portables, MP3 player, iPod docks, TV set, radio transmission systems are just some of the potential devices it can be used in conjunction with.  However, many other components with analogue outputs are compatible as playback devices for this set too.

A Cinch to use
A cinch cable connection is enough to do virtually anything you need from this device, but you will find all the adapters or cables you might ever need at the Teufel online shop. You can upmix to the five speakers. The result of this upmix of five speakers and the subwoofer makes even stereo sources sound far better than normal stereo playback.
Easy Control

This set has minimalist controls for real ease of use. You can carry out the most common operations directly at the front of the subwoofer: here you can control the volume or bass proportion, and switch to standby mode.

Outclasses Rivals
This product upstages and outclasses all competitors in this price range. Its acoustical backdrop is very impressive. This is thanks to a 200 watt amplifier, a 200 mm bass speaker in a voluminous wood casing, and five meticulously calibrated satellite speakers.  Once you switch this system on you will quickly notice how the sound quality of Teufel multimedia systems quite literally upstage all comparable products, and ultimately, that’s what really counts…
Because of the many different customer demands we do not include cables with this shipment. You can order matching cables in our Teufel web shop by going to “ Accessories”. They also come as ready-to-connect cable sets and are attractively priced.

All Teufel products come with a 12 year guarantee, an eight week trial period, and our low low prices are inclusive of VAT! Order your shipment of Teufel Branded goods today.

Still not convinced? Give us a call on 00800 200 300 400, you know what you want, and we have the product range to meet your wildest desires from sound technology. Together we can work out a perfect match.   

Included components
Included components
  • 5 x Satellite Speaker CE 10 FCR
  • 1 x 5.1 Subwoofer CE 100 SW
More Information

Connect to a PC, Mac or Notebook
This loudspeaker ensemble is perfectly suited for direct use with computers. It features three 3.5 mm mini cinch connectors for connection with any 5.1-enabled sound card. Three Y-adapters (3.5 minijacks on 2 x cinch) _can be used to connect inputs for the front R/L, rear R/L, center and subwoofer to the back of the Concept E woofer. The Teufel system then further transmits the surround signal decoded by the sound card.


concept_e_ce400sw_back_detail_bigIf your sound card only has one 3.5 mm stereo minijack connecter, then a 3.5 minijack cinch adapter can be used to connect it to the front subwoofer inputs 'In R/L.' Connected this way, the Concept E amplifier uses an integrated 'upmix' function to distribute sound to all loudspeakers. The generated sound is significantly better than simple stereo, although it admittedly doesn't reach Dolby Digital or DTS levels. The system's functionality can always be upgraded to Dolby Digital/DTS with an additional, external or internal 5.1 sound card.


Use with Blu-ray or DVD player/recorder
Concept E can be used for connection with more than a PC. It's also a great solution for use with a Blu-ray or DVD player/recorder. It's a unique chance to put together a complete home cinema sound system using just two devices!


51 outIn order to connect Concept E directly to a Blu-ray or DVD player/recorder the device needs an integrated Dolby Digital/DTS Decoder. To determine if this is the case, check the back of the player/recorder. It should have a 5.1 cinch output (six cinch connectors for front R/L, rear R/L, center and subwoofer). Connect the three stereo cinch cables directly to the subwoofer - from the 5.1 cinch outputs of the DVD player to the 5.1 cinch inputs of the subwoofer. The five satellites are connected to the subwoofer using two-veined loudspeaker cable. Simply clamp the cables _down - no plugs or connectors are needed.

However, you can also use Concept E with Blu-ray or DVD player/recorders which don't have six analogue cinch-outputs. Connect the device's stereo output to the Concept E subwoofer's R/L inputs. An integrated 'Upmix' function then delivers an audio signal to the loudspeakers. Concept E's integrated upmix function may not sound as perfect as Dolby Digital or DTS, but it's a significant improvement over stereo sound.___ You can always expand the system to full Dolby Digital/DTS sound later using a Decoderstation.


Connection with an MP3-Player, sat-receiver, TV, gaming console, CD player, DJ mixer, etc…
Concept E is a system with universal functionality. It works with any of the devices listed above. Stereo sources can be 'upmixed' to virtual surround sound using all six of the system's speakers. Here's how:

Connect the stereo output of the MP3 player, sat receiver, TV or CD player to the front left/front right inputs on the back of the subwoofer. A 3.5 mm mini cinch cable using a stereo-cinch Y adapter can be used for this. Gaming consoles like the Xbox360, Wii or PS3 require a special adapter. All five satellite speakers are connected to the subwoofer using double-veined loudspeaker cable. The subwoofer then delivers signals to the individual speakers.


decoderstation 5 onConnect with any digital source
Concept E is shipped with six analogue inputs, giving it optimal sound quality in its price class. To avoid making compromises to audio quality, Teufel chose to not integrate a decoder, which would have been cost-prohibitive.
However, a Decoderstation 5 can be brought into play for connection to digital audio sources. With four optical coax connections for DVD players/recorders, the PS3, notebooks or sound cards, original 5.1 sound can be delivered via a Dolby Digital/DTS decoder.

More information about Decoderstation 5 >

Controlstation 2 ConnectionsConnection with analogue sources
A Concept E system is shipped ready for direct connection with a signal source. ___If you want to connect multiple stereo devices at the same time, ControlStation 2 represents the perfect solution. Two additional devices can be connected to Concept E in parallel. An infrared remote control makes it easy to switch between sources, and a headphone and microphone can also be connected.

More information about ControlStation 2 >

Connecting to Decoderstation 5
Concept E is a loudspeaker system which is connected directly to a decoder using six cinch cables. You can plug all of your source devices into the Decoderstation 5: four digital inputs with optical or coaxial connections are designed for DVD players/recorders, the PS3, notebooks or sound cards. A 5.1 analogue input enables connections with 5.1 sound cards.
Three additional analogue inputs make it possible to connect: stereo sound cards, a sat/DVB-T receiver, a TV, a video recorder, a cassette recorder, _Discman, Walkman, MP3 player, MiniDisk player, iPod, DJ mixer or a record player (with a line output) - basically any device you want to. If it's got two stereo outputs, it connects with Decoderstation 5.


ce400 swRecommended space
Concept E is perfectly designed for use directly at a PC workstation - so a relatively short distance. But you can also use the system to fill an entire room with home cinema sound. It's important to stay within the listening surface area recommended by us, though.


ce100 sw display

Operational characteristics
Once you've connected your set, you can make use of the system's most significant functions right on the front part of the subwoofer: adjust the volume and bass mix, or use the standby function.


Connect with a PC system
When setting up a PC sound system, it's a good idea to focus on the area being used - i.e. the area around the screen. The speakers can be slightly angled towards the listening position. The front loudspeakers should be set up to the left and right of the computer monitor at equidistance spaces, or mounted on the wall. Placing them at ear-level is optimal, but anywhere between 0.80 and 1.60 metres is also good. It the distance needs to be outside of the recommendation, then you can also angle the front loudspeakers out into the room a bit. An integrated wall mount makes it possible to hang all the loudspeakers - except for the subwoofer - on a wall by using a conventional screw.


aufstellung 1The subwoofer can be placed anywhere in the room - except in the corner, as this can lead to uncontrollable frequency buildups. The location of the subwoofer doesn't have an effect on the other loudspeakers, but ideally it should be placed on a straight line between the front loudspeakers. The rear loudspeakers should be located directly across from the front ones at the same height. Imperfections in the placement and height of the speakers can be compensated for using the control software of your sound card.


Setup as a home cinema system
When using Concept E as a home cinema system, it's a good idea to concentrate on the part of the room where the actual listening will take place - the area where the TV and seating are located. Locating the TV as centrally as possible in relation to the seating is also advisable.

Because the center speaker renders speech in home cinema, it should be located directly under the television and can be angled towards or away from the listener. The front loudspeakers should be set up next to the TV in concordance with old stereo tradition (distance from the listener = distance between left and right speaker). Teufel's optionally-available stand feet are perfect for this, as they guarantee the speakers will be located at the ideal height. Wall mounts enable swiveling too or from the listener.


aufstellung 2When it comes to wall-mounting the speakers or placing them in shelves, the rule of thumb is somewhere between 40 centimetres and 1,60 metres. If the speakers must be placed outside of this range, they can be angled towards the listening point. What's vital is that the center and main loudspeakers are in a line, which may be slightly bent around the television.

The subwoofer can be placed freely throughout the room without affecting the loudspeakers. Ideally, it can be placed between the two front loudspeakers. It should not, however, be placed in a corner, as this can lead to an uncontrollable frequency buildup.

The rear speakers should be set up as a mirror image of the front speakers - ideally at the same height. If it's necessary to place the rear speakers higher or lower than the front speakers, then they can be angled towards the listening position, if need be. We recommend a distance of 1 metre between the rear speakers and the listening position. If you have to sit closer to the rear speakers, then it can be a good idea to angle them out into the room instead of pointing them directly at the listening position. It should also be noted that inconsistencies in the physical setup of the loudspeakers can be compensated for using your AV receiver's loudspeaker management functions or a Decoderstation compensation.


accessory kit ac2015wsThe right accessories
Because each customer has a unique set of demands, the Concept E is shipped without a cable set. We have a couple of attractively-priced cable bundles available:

For PC/Soundcards: AC 2005 WS or AC 3005 WS
For DVD-Players/Decoderstation: AC 2015 WS or AC 3015 WS
For ControlStation 2: AC 2045 WS

This loudspeaker set is shipped with five table stands for the satellites. Alternatively, wall-mounts are available separately. That makes vertical or horizontal swiveling possible. The speakers also fit with Teufel's M 50 P speaker stands.

concept_fcr_stand_silver_frontce20fr m50p blackm50p_silvershortlock_black

Technical Data
5.1 Subwoofer CE 100 SW

5.1 Subwoofer CE 100 SW As the smallest woofer of the Concept E series, the CE 100 SW may be the baby within the Teufel cosmos but it still has an imposing appearance with its 28.4 litre volume and 13 kg weight – especially when compared to the usual PC bass cubes.

The integrated 5.1 amplifier boasts a very considerable 200 watts maximum output, which is equally distributed to the six feed channels. It offers a connection at the rear for direct connection to 5.1 sound cards or other analogue sources.The 200 mm side-mounted bass speaker in the precisely calibrated bass reflex casing guarantees a deep bass that can be adjusted using the front controller. What’s the power consumption during standby operation? Less than 2 watts!

Please note: the Concept E 100 SW is only available as part of a Concept E 100 set.
Pfeil Pfeil
Technical Data and Dimensions 5.1 Subwoofer CE 100 SW
Speaker Woofer (number per enclosure) 1
  Woofer (diameter) 200.00 mm
  Woofer (material) Cellulose
  Enclosure type Bass reflex
  Enclosure material MDF
  Enclosure surface High gloss (front), foil (corpus)
  Equalisation openings 1
  Equalisation openings (pos.) Front
  Net internal volume 28.40 Litres
  Magnetic shielding Yes
  Terminal clamps Push terminals
  Maximum cable diameter 3.00 mm
Connections Cinch input 5.1 1
Electronics Lowest frequency (-3 dB) 40 Hz
  Bass boost/EQ Bass conrol
  Input gain adjustment Yes
  Level control Yes
  Miscellaneous Bass control
  Amplifier technology Class AB, IC Type
  Amplifier configuration 5.1
  Amplifier channels 6
  Power output capacity impulse (peak) Satellite 25 W
  Power output capacity impulse (peak) Bass 75 W
  Power output capacity sinus (RMS) Satellite 15 W
  Power output capacity sinus (RMS) Bass 50 W
  Power supply voltage 220 - 240 volts
  Standby-Function Yes
  Standby-Power consumption 1 watt
  Maximum power consumption 300 watt
  Mains cable - IEC connector (non-heating device) Yes
  Safety class 2
  Fuse Yes
Dimensions Depth 42.30 cm
  Width 24.70 cm
  Height 43.50 cm
  Weight 13 kg

Satellite Speaker CE 10 FCR

Satellite Speaker CE 10 FCR The CE 10 FCR micro satellite deliver unbelievable performance thanks to a high-performance, 80 mm diameter driver and an active filtering subwoofer. The curved front ensures better sound radiation than previous conventional constructions.The acoustically transparent 9 x 9 centimetre cover can be removed for “open” operation, but normally has a “floating” mounting which means the minimisation of edge reflections.

The supplied matching table stand ensures optimal placement options on a desk or shelf. An optional Shortlock bracket can be used to fasten and then horizontally/vertically swivel the cube. The separately available M 60 P base is an alternative stand placement option.
Pfeil Pfeil
Technical Data and Dimensions Satellite Speaker CE 10 FCR
Speaker Continuous power handling (IEC - Long Term) 50 Watt
  Peak power capacity (IEC - Short Term) 100 Watt
  Sensitivity (2.83 V / 1 m) 83 dB
  Impedance 4-8 Ohm
  Frequency range from/to 180 - 20.000 Hz
  Broadband loudspeakers (number per enclosure) 1
  Broadband loudspeakers (diameter) 80.00 mm
  Broadband loudspeakers (material) Cellulose
  Acoustic principle 1-way
  Enclosure type Closed
  Enclosure material ABS plastic
  Enclosure surface Lacquer, high gloss
  Removable front cover Yes
  Net internal volume 0.50 Litres
  Integrated stand Yes
  Diameter of the stand screw threads 6.00 mm
  Magnetic shielding Yes
  Terminal clamps Screw terminals
  Maximum cable diameter 2.00 mm
  Suitable for AV receiver Yes
Dimensions Depth 9.80 cm
  Width 9.00 cm
  Height 9.00 cm
  Weight 0.43 kg

Test reviews
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PC Utilities 05/2011

"It`s attractively built, and the subwoofer is a gargantuan unit"

"In terms of performance we had no complaints, and there was a noticeable difference in quality from Logitech Z506 set- whether it was enough of a difference to justify the extra price depends...

"In terms of performance we had no complaints, and there was a noticeable difference in quality from Logitech Z506 set- whether it was enough of a difference to justify the extra price depends on how highly you value audio performance. The control unit is a pricey add-on but makes life much easier and gives you greater flexibility when it comes to connecting additional devices such as hi-fis and games consoles. There`s room for one group of 5.1 inputs, as well as two sets of additional stereo input connections, and a microphone and headphones can also be plugged in."


GameStar 01/2011

"Price / Performance steal!"

"A great sounding 5.1 set with excellent spatiality and solid dampening!" + excellent spatiality + hefty, clean bass + a present and clear sound

"A great sounding 5.1 set with excellent spatiality and solid dampening!"

+ excellent spatiality
+ hefty, clean bass
+ a present and clear sound


ComputerBild Spiele 11/2009

"First place in our test comparison!"

"Empty the ring, folks: with good speakers the game is all inside the ears. And from all sides. 14 loudspeaker systems, ranging from 40 to 450 euro in our test. And in the 5.1 system without...

"Empty the ring, folks: with good speakers the game is all inside the ears. And from all sides. 14 loudspeaker systems, ranging from 40 to 450 euro in our test. And in the 5.1 system without decoder the Concept E 100 from Teufel decisively won over the competition. The extreme high sound quality paved the way for this number one."

• Best sound quality in the 5.1 systems
• Very long guarantee
• Excellent well informed instruction manual

Test Champion!


RexWare 07/2009

"Amazing sound."

When gaming, the Concept E 100 astounds with fantastic sound and an excellent low register. It's also not blurred or distorted at high sounds. For the best performance put the system on full -...

When gaming, the Concept E 100 astounds with fantastic sound and an excellent low register. It's also not blurred or distorted at high sounds. For the best performance put the system on full - however, warn your neighbors beforehand!


Windows Vista 05/2009

"BUY STUFF Reader Review."

"As you take the Teufel Concept E 100 from its box, you know it's going to be good. The German-made speakers have an impressive build quality [...] You get a huge subwoofer in a classy...

"As you take the Teufel Concept E 100 from its box, you know it's going to be good. The German-made speakers have an impressive build quality [...]
You get a huge subwoofer in a classy black gloss finish, with all the audio controls on the front for easy access, and five speakers, making this ideal if you plan to watch films or play games in surround sound."

"These speakers produce a great sound and are ideal for movie enthusiasts..."

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Test reviews
PC Utilities 05/2011
"It`s attractively built, and the subwoofer is a gargantuan unit"
GameStar 01/2011
"Price / Performance steal!"
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