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THX sound: Teufel Audio offers the highest standard in home cinema
Teufel cinema sound
All THX products
THX (7 Products)
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System 5 Select 2 Cinema
Introducing the latest in home cinema speaker design
System 5 THX Select 2 Certified "5.2 Cinema Set"
£ 1299.99   from 
System 8 THX Cinema 5.1
Licence to thrill
System 8 THX Ultra 2 "5.1-Set Cinema"
£ 2599.99   from 
Active Subwoofer S 10000 SW
£ 2799.99   from 
System 4 THX Compact - Set Nocover Fond Black
World’s first 5.1 set with THX Compact Speaker System certification
System 4 THX
£ 749.99   from 
THX Ultra 2 certification for mega power
System 10 THX Ultra 2 Certified "Cinema 5.1"
£ 6999.99   from 
£ 29.99 
Full steam stream
Cinebar 52 THX Streaming
£ 819.99   from  £ 849.98 
The best sound - bar none
Cinebar 52 THX
£ 699.99   from 

THX home speaker system

George Lucas, the director of Star Wars, developed THX certification for home surround sound systems. THX stands for rigorous technological standards that produce the ultimate home cinema sound experience. Teufel’s selection of home cinema products is currently the largest in Europe and includes gigantic surround systems like the System 10 as well as sleek soundbars like our Cinebar 51. But whatever your home cinema needs, you can rely on Teufel’s many years of experience with THX certified sound to give you the biggest selection of the very best that home cinema has to offer.  
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