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Press Information

Here you’ll find all the latest press release information and photos for free download.

Teufel Audio presents a space-saving PC sound solution

5  September 2016

The new Mediadeck brings powerful sound to even cramped and crowded desks.
Placed beneath a monitor or notebook, the Mediadeck requires no additional space and connects easily via USB cable.

Press Release Mediadeck Com (Document)
Press Release Mediadeck UK (Document)
View the Mediadeck
Teufel Audio presents its first in-ear headphones with Bluetooth
1  September 2016

Comfort, long battery life, a splash-proof design & an integrated microphone make the MOVE BT the perfect headphones for active lifestyles.
An in-line remote on the connection cord and splash-proof design make the MOVE BT the ultimate sporty companion.

Press Release MOVE BT Com (Document)
Press Release MOVE BT UK (Document)
View the MOVE BT
Teufel Audio presents the new BAMSTER with even better sound and improved controls
18 August 2016

Better sound, improved enclosure, handier controls & more features make the new BAMSTER the perfect portable all-rounder
The new BAMSTER retains the same shape as its predecessor. New features include improved on-device controls and more power.

Press Release BAMSTER Com (Document)
Press Release BAMSTER UK (Document)
View the BAMSTER
Teufel Audio presents the MOVE PRO, in-ear headphones with high-definition sound
10 August 2016

Go like a pro: MOVE PRO in-ear headphones offer high-end sound, comfort, durability and a practical feature set
The MOVE PRO rounds out Teufel’s in-ear headphone series with a refined yet robust option for those who want the very best sound on the go.

Press Release MOVE PRO Com (Document)
Press Release MOVE PRO UK (Document)
View the MOVE PRO
Teufel presents the Varion, a flexible home cinema system with slender micro satellites
13 July 2016

With the Varion, Teufel introduces an elegant home ciema set with extremely flexible placement options.
Varion speakers measure just seven centimetres across yet are packed with enough acoustic hardware to deliver exceptional sound.

Press Release Varion Com (Document)
Press Release Varion UK (Document)
View the Varion
Teufel Audio presents the Cubycon Impaq, a complete Blu-ray home cinema system
 31 May 2016

Teufel presents a fully equipped 5.1 Blu-ray system that’s easily placed in any living room
The Cubycon Impaq complete home cinema solution uses Teufel’s high end compact speakers, the Cubycon, and an innovative flat subwoofer, the T 4000.

Press Release Cubycon Impaq Com (Document)
Press Release Cubycon Impaq UK (Document)

View the Cubycon Impaq
Teufel Audio presents the Ultima 20 Complete, a stereo alternative to soundbars and soundbases
  26 April 2016

Ultima 20 Complete: The best sound for TV and music with the smallest possible footprint
The Ultima 20 Complete moves effortlessly between music and movie playback.    

Press Release Ultima 20 Complete Com (Document)
Press Release Ultima 20 Complete UK (Document)

View the Ultima 20 Complete
Teufel Audio presents a surround set with hi-fi bookshelf speakers
 12 April 2016

Ultima 20 Surround: A good thing get even better
Teufel’s classic Ultima 20 bookshelf speakers are now available as a surround set. 

Press Release Ultima 20 Surround Com (Document)
Press Release Ultima 20 Surround UK (Document)

View the Ultima 20 Surround
Teufel Audio presents noise cancelling headphones
 5 Januar 2016

MUTE: The strong silent type
MUTE are the first headphones from Teufel to offer Active Noise Control (ANC) technology 

Press Release MUTE Com (Document)
Press Release MUTE UK (Document)

View the MUTE
Teufel Audio put its big, clear sound into a pocket-sized device
16 December 2015

Mini-ster of sound
Always at your side, always ready to rock. Teufel’s newest portable loudspeaker is also its smallest: The BAMSTER XS weighs just 204 grams and plays for up to 14 hours. 

Press Release BAMSTER XS Com (Document)
Press Release BAMSTER XS UK (Document)

Rock it: Teufel Audio’s ROCKSTER XS is a sturdy little Bluetooth speaker with big sound & great features
3 December 2015

You can’t stop the ROCKSTER XS
The compact little ROCKSTER XS can roll with the punches thanks to moisture-proof grilles, a sturdy aluminium enclosure and silicone bumpers.

Press Release ROCKSTER XS Com (Document)
Press Release ROCKSTER XS UK (Document)


Think bigger: Teufel’s BOOMSTER XL delivers uncompromising party power

24 November 2015

Teufel just super-sized its next-generation boombox
Powered by 80 watts, the BOOMSTER XL includes a high-performance battery – perfect for when you need to take the party with you.

Press Release BOOMSTER XL Com (Document)
Press Release BOOMSTER XL UK (Document)


Teufel’s TURN: High-def headphones with an adjustable sound signature

4 November 2015

Robust, premium over-ear headphones with an adjustable sound signature
A simple turn of the large dial on the right ear cup is all that’s required to switch from true-to-source playback to an enhanced bass mode.

Press Release TURN Com (Document)
Press Release TURN UK (Document)

View the TURN

The Real Z: The newest member of Teufel’s REAL family of headphones

14 September 2015

Premium over-ear HD headphones with mega bass
A continuation of the REAL series with premium materials and a semi-open design

Press Release REAL Z Com (Document)
Press Release REAL Z UK (Document)

View the REAL Z

The Teufel ROCKSTER on tour with the Thundertruck

1 July 2015

Teufel’s largest portable speaker hits the road
Don’t miss the Thundertruck with its 8 ROCKSTERS on party tour this summer!

Press Release Thundertruck (Document)

Check out the Thundertruck

Introducing the new Concept E 450 Digital

19 March 2015

The new Concept E 450 Digital: Gaming sound, perfected
Teufel’s new 5.1 multimedia sound system is every gamer’s dream come true.

Press Release Concept C Com (Document)
Press Release Concept C UK (Document)

View The Concept E 45 Digital

Introducing the new Concept E 450 Digital

19 March 2015

The new Concept E 450 Digital: Gaming sound, perfected
Teufel’s new 5.1 multimedia sound system is every gamer’s dream come true.

Press Release Concept E 450 Digital Com (Document)
Press Release Concept E 450 Digital  UK (Document)

View The Concept E 45 Digital

Introducing the redesigned Teufel Massive

 23 February 2015

The next generation of Teufel’s Aureol Massive over-ear headphones
Teufel’s “Massive” headphones were given a complete makeover down to the last detail for more comfort, greater durability and an even bigger sound.

Press Release Teufel Massive Com (Document)
Press Release Teufel Massive UK (Document)

View The Teufel Massive
Teufel Audio introduces a new model in its reference class stereo line 
 28 January 2015

The Definion 3 offers the same sophisticated audio technology as Teufel’s premier high-end model, the Definion 5
This smaller version contains the same high-end audio technology as the original.

Press Release com (Document)

Press Release UK
Sebastian Drawert heads marketing at Teufel Audio and Raumfeld   
13 January 2015

One of the Berlin native’s biggest challenges will be the international expansion of the two brands
Sebastian Drawert is the new head of product marketing, PR and branding for both Teufel Audio and Raumfeld.

Press Release (Document)

Let the music play
9 December 2014

Teufel Audio presents a compact multi-source player with authentic stereo and powerful bass
The MusicStation is the ultimate musical all-rounder with multiple playback options.

Press Release com (Document)

Press Release UK

Boomster The boombox is back!
25 Novembert 2014

Teufel Audio introduces The BOOMSTER, a portable Bluetooth loudspeaker with integrated subwoofer
The BOOMSTER perfectly complements Teufel’s portable Bluetooth portfolio.

Press Release com (Document)

Press Release UK

Hi-fi meets high style
11 Novembert 2014

Music’s in the air: Introducing the AIRY, Bluetooth headphones from Teufel
The new Bluetooth headphones from Teufel Audio cut the physical ties to playback devices without reducing the sound quality.

Press Release com (Document)

Press Release UK

Introducing the Stereo M
22 October 2014

Wi-Fi bookshelf speakers that set new standards for big, true-to-source sound
The Stereo M: Bookshelf speakers for stereophonic streaming

Press Release Stereo M Com (Document)
Press Release Stereo M UK (Document)

View The Stereo M

Your home base for room-filling sound
29 August 2014

The Cinebase: Teufel’s new sound base with Sonic Emotion Absolute 3D
The new Cinebase from Teufel Audio transforms television sound without transforming the look of your living room.

Press Release com (Document)

Press Release UK

The Return of the King
20 August 2014

Teufel’s Cinebar 52 THX – A soundbar with certified home cinema-grade sound
Teufel Audio presents its successor to the multiple award-winning Cinebar 51 THX: The new Cinebar 52 THX.

Press Release com (Document)

Press Release UK

How deep is your love?
17 June 2014

Teufel Audio presents the T 6 Hybrid stereo speakers
Each loudspeaker contains an integrated 250 mm woofer: Hear two subwoofers, see none!

Press Release com (Document)

Press Release UK

Motivated by great sound
12 June 2014

Teufel Audio presents the Motiv B: Flexible Bluetooth stereo loudspeakers
Easy to use, compact, and astonishingly powerful, the Motiv B fills just about any room with hi-fi sound.

Press Release com (Document)
Press Release UK

Wireless hi-fi for the whole house
15 May 2014

Raumfeld high-end multiroom streaming system to integrate hi-fi streaming service WiMP
Raumfeld high-end multiroom streaming system to integrate hi-fi streaming service WiMP.

Press Release (Document)

The Teufel Raumfeld Flagship Store opens in Berlin
 8 May 2014

Demonstrations and presentations bring the Teufel and Raumfeld sound to life
On May 9th, Teufel Audio will open its first ever flagship store in Berlin’s lively Ku’damm shopping district.

Press Release (Document)

Teufel and hülsta present the next generation of furniture with integrated audio
 14 April 2014

Teufel and hülsta presents media lowboards
The furniture manufacturer hülsta introduces its SCOPIA and XELO range with integrated audio systems from Berlin hi-fi specialists Teufel.

Press Release (Document)

The devil wears... a bikini?
 4 April 2014

Teufel opens its first flagship store in Bikinihaus Berlin
On April 3rd, the doors of Teufel Audio’s very first flagship store finally opened.

Press Release (Document)

Patric Frank takes on strategic brand management at Teuel Audio
18 January 2014

Teufel Audio recently welcomed Patric Frank to its ranks as general marketing manager.
Marketing expert brings extensive experience in the area of brand management and development to his new role.

Press Release (Document)

Teufel‘s Concept E – The return of a classicoff
 14 January 2014

Surround sound for gaming and PCs with a great feature set
Coinciding with the release of a new generation of gaming consoles, Teufel Audio presents a  new loudspeaker set for gaming and PCs.

Press Release: the new Concept E Com (Document)
Press Release: the new Concept E
UK (Document)

View the new Concept E
Raumfeld presents the new Raumfeld One M
 9 January 2014

The Raumfeld One M – One amazing streaming speaker
Raumfeld presents the new One M: A powerful one speaker solution for internet radio, streaming services and personal music libraries

Press Release: the new Raumfeld One M Com (Document)

Press Release: the new Raumfeld One M UK (Document)

View the new Raumfeld One

Raumfeld introduces a new app and adds a music service
 8 January 2014

New app future-proofs Raumfeld devices for later updates
Raumfeld has released a free iPad app and integrated the music service MTV Music by Rhapsody

Press Release the Raumfeld app and music service (Document)

The new Raumfeld Speaker L
 6 January 2014

The new Stereo L - True wireless high fidelity with floor-standing speakers
Teufel Audio presents the new Stereo L: Raumfeld’s floor-standing speaker in its multi-room series

Press Release the new Raumfeld Stereo L Com (Document)
Press Release the new Raumfeld Stereo L UK (Document)

View the new Raumfeld Speaker L

The iTeufel Air Blue
 2 January 2014

The ultimate streaming experience
Teufel Audio presents an all-in-one streaming solution with AirPlay, Bluetoooth, and Spotify Connect

Press Release iTeufel Air Blue Com (Document)
Press Release iTeufel Air Blue
UK (Document)

View the iTeufel Air Blue

The Teufel Move

13 December 2013

Perfectly portable high-end sound
The Move brings Teufel sound to smartphones.

Press Release Teufel Move Com (Document)
Press Release Teufel Move
UK (Document)

View the Teufel Move

The Cinebar 11

 3 December 2013

A seriously slender soundbar
The new Teufel soundbar produces full cinema sound from a remarkably slim enclosure

Press Release Cinebar 11 Com (Document)
Press Release Cinebar 11
UK (Document)

View the Cinebar 11

The Raumfeld Stereo Cubes

 19 November 2013

The Stereo Cubes: Introducing the ultimate streaming experience – cubed
Stereo streaming speakers that fulfill the most demanding criteria for hi-fi sound

Press Release The Cube Com (Document)
Press Release The Cube UK (Document)

View The Cube

The new PC & BT Bamster

 12 November 2013

Teufel presents a portable soundbar for laptops, PCs, and smartphones
Well thought-out details and a rich sound for the desktop or on the go

Press Release Bamster Com (Document)
Press Release Bamster
UK (Document)

View the BT Bamster
View the PC Bamster 

The new Consono 25 & 35 Mk3

  8 November 2013

The next generation of Teufel Audio's award-winning compact home cinema sets
5.1 home cinema sets with professional sound at entry level prices

Press Release Consono Mk3 Com (Document)
Press Release Consono Mk3
UK (Document)

View the Consono range

Theater 6 Hybrid

 4 November 2013

Home cinema sound without separate subwoofers
A new home cinema set with integrated subwoofers in partially active front speakers

Press Release Theater 6 Hybrid Com (Document)
Press Release Theater 6 Hybrid
UK (Document)

View the Theater 6 Hybrid
Teufel Audio announces the opening of its first flagship store in Berlin
24. October 2013

The Berlin hifi experts are moving to a new location in Berlin’s City West in 2014 in Berlin
Founded over 30 years ago in West Berlin, the company is moving from Schöneberg to Bikinihaus on Budapester Straße, part of the Bikini Berlin complex near Berlin’s Ku’damm.

Press release: Move to Bikinihaus (Document)

Teufels presents the System 4 THX

18. September 2013

Teufel presents the world’s first THX set with Compact Speaker System certification
For great cinema sound in rooms up to 20 m²
Press Release Teufel System 4 THX (Dokument)

hülsta and Teufel to jointly create media furniture
17. September 2013

hülsta and Teufel announce an exclusive cooperation agreement
hülsta and Teufel are currently developing various systems for room-filling surround sound that will delight even home design purists.
Press Release hülsta Teufel (Dokument)


Teufel Spotify Connect
3. September 2013

Teufel announces its collaboration with Spotify
Spotify Connect will first launch on the upcoming iTeufel Air Blue
Press Release Teufel Spotify Connect (Dokument)
The best Motiv yet
5. September 2013

Teufel presents a highly versatile 2.1 speaker system
The Motiv 2 Mk2 is perfect for music, movies, gaming and PC sound

Press release Motiv 2 Mk2 (Document)
Press photos Motiv 2 (Zip)

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Definion 5
28. August 2013

Teufel presents its latest high-end stereo model
A patented coaxial driver delivers the perfect soundstage

Press release Definion 5 (Document)
Press photos Definion 5 (Zip)

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