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Audio streaming: The world’s music at your fingertips

Everyone appreciates great sound and it helps if it’s convenient. Streaming allows the listener to recline on a sofa with a book and regulate a stream of music with a smartphone app. With Raumfeld by Teufel, this sound is never second rate. High resolution files are supported by Raumfeld technology and played back on high-end loudspeakers for the same great Teufel sound, only everywhere and at the touch of a button.

Audio streaming enables the wireless transmission of audio files to playback devices in the form of hi-fi systems or loudspeakers. A streaming client refers to the software or device that enables this wireless information transfer. Our Raumfeld products can be controlled either by remote or handy Raumfeld App. Raumfeld products can access music from personal libraries or the Internet. In this way, it’s possible to fill one or more rooms with an endless variety of music.

Say goodbye to masses of tangled cables

Those who’ve shied away from purchasing a quality sound system for fear of tripping over masses of cables should consider the new wireless technology. Quality audio streaming without compromise is now available and it won't hold your living room hostage to dozens of wires. These systems are integrated into the home network via WLAN. This means that not only the streaming client, but also the loudspeakers themselves receive the audio signal.

The problem of whether a system supports a certain audio file is a thing of the past. Whereas most systems didn’t play lesser know formats like .aa or flac, Raumfeld’s streaming speakers can play just about anything. There are no limits to the music you can enjoy.

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