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Teufel Story

Top Sound at Bottom-Line Prices!

About Teufel

Anzeige 03Teufel is Europe's #1 direct seller of loudspeaker systems. The company was founded in 1980 in Berlin and was met with phenomenal early success in the German specialty market for loudspeakers.

Over the years, Teufel has developed and produced a large number of high-quality audio products. Our portfolio includes home cinema sound systems and multimedia and PC systems, along with various iPod products marketed under the iTeufel name. In 1996 Teufel became the first German company to bring THX-certified loudspeakers to the market. The THX audio standard for home cinema systems is known to be extremely stringent. Today, Teufel offers the world's largest selection of THX-certified loudspeakers. Our products are only available via direct order, guaranteeing high quality at a low price.

LT22 Cross SectionTeufel's phenomenal success story

During the summer of 1979, Teufel founder and Berlin native Peter Tschimmel was struck with a notion: why should music fans buy expensive, complete loudspeaker systems, when they could be offered equivalent kits for much less?

A HiFi fan, Tschimmel founded Lautsprecher Teufel in 1980 and opened a store in Berlin. There, enthusiasts could find everything they needed to build their own audio systems, from loudspeaker chassis, to crossovers, to templates for constructing wooden loudspeaker enclosures.

Tschimmel's idea caught on quickly. Following a successful start in Berlin, it wasn't long before HiFi fans throughout West Germany wanted to buy inexpensive and excellent Teufel loudspeakers – more than 20,000 were sold between 1983 and 1987. The HiFi trade press was filled with enthusiasm, saying Teufel had pulled off a "vertical launch." Shortly after expanding its inventory to include complete speakers in 1988, Teufel was honoured by the "HiFi Vision" magazine and named a reference for passive loudspeakers.

Anzeige 04 Urkunde LT33As of 1990, Teufel products are only available directly from the manufacturer.

Because research, development, quality control, inventory, management and our demonstration cinema are all still under the control of our experienced and dynamic team, we've been able to use the advantages of direct sales to maintain our competitive pricing policies. Furthermore, even though we no longer offer loudspeakers as do-it-yourself kits, many of our systems today are less expensive than the kits ever were.

To ensure customers are satisfied, more than 100 Teufel employees currently work in development, service, consultation and sales. Company culture promotes active engagement. Teufel continues to work and produce at the same high standards documented by the trade press at the time of its "vertical launch" (see HiFi Vision 5/89). The company shows no signs of slowing down.

1979 The first Teufel store opens in Berlin and the LT series goes on sale

In 1979, Teufel is founded as a general partnership and a retailer of loudspeaker system kits. The basic idea of bringing quality HiFi systems to the market in the form of do-it-yourself kits is an immediate success. The more effort a customer is willing to put into building a system, the greater the potential for savings. We operate under the slogan of "Teufel – Build Better Loudspeakers Yourself," and our products become market leaders in Berlin... even though they are kits!
1990 Developing new models

Teufel completely redesigns its distribution system, ending implementation of the retail-oriented model and switching exclusively to direct sales (sold directly from the manufacturer by Teufel's own sales department). Direct sales give Teufel a decisive advantage: M series speakers now cost up to 66% less than before. Our research and development department kicks into high gear, improving on details, researching new membrane materials and developing new tweeter systems. The results are both audible and visible in Teufel's brand new Concept series, which comes onto the market in 1990.
1995 Teufel does Dolby Surround Sound

Teufel launches Theater 2, our first loudspeaker system specifically designed to render Dolby Surround Sound. Home cinema systems already make up a large part of our overall business volume during this year. Consumer studies, market predictions and international comparison prompts us to further commit to the home cinema market.
1996 Teufel becomes Germany's first THX-licensed loudspeaker producer

The 20,000th M200 speaker is sold, making it the possibly best-selling reference loudspeaker ever. Also, Teufel's Theater 8 (Teufel M 900 THX/M 6000 THX), the first THX-licensed speaker by a German producer, is premiered and celebrated. The Teufel M 300 D is awarded the THX license. Excellent press coverage throughout German trade publications, on television, and in significant daily and weekly publications continue to reward Teufel's THX ambitions. Being voted 'Loudspeaker of the Year' by the readers of 'Video,' Germany's most prestigious home cinema/entertainment publication, tops the awards season during this great year. At the same time, the RTL Cologne television studio opts to install Teufel THX speakers. We see that as a real honour, because studios in Germany are previously only equipped with products by English or American companies.

Teufel: Europe's largest direct-seller of loudspeakers

Teufel makes a successful start into the world of 2.1 multimedia sound – Concept C is highly successful as the first model in this range. With the LT 3 system from the new LT series, Teufel packs a set of aluminium columns with even more cinema sound. Prompted by the incredible success of Concept S (which has gained something of a cult following), new use of aluminium column technology is established.

After the successful start of the iTeufel line, its range of products is expanded to include other Apple iPod systems like the iTeufel Clock and iTeufel Dock.

And Teufel's technological innovations during 2006 draw a considerable amount of attention: the new System 6 goes on the market – the first Teufel system with a flat membrane chassis.

Through another significant jump in fiscal turnover, Teufel advances to become Europe's largest direct-seller of loudspeakers.


Teufel as the measure of all things

Complete with a new owner and chief executive, Teufel moves into its new offices in Berlin's Gewerbehof Bülowbogen. This new, large space built in the industrial design of the 1920's is the perfect setting for the business of ultramodern loudspeaker systems and top-flight customer service. The very successful LT series is expanded to include the LT 2 and LT 5 models, making the aluminium column speaker systems excellent for any application. An innovation highlight is the Modell LT 2 + R with a subwoofer and integrated Dolby Digital/DTS home cinema receiver.

Excited fans and customers await the successor to the classic System 5 THX Select. The world's smallest THX Select loudspeaker set is presented in a new, improved version which seamlessly continues the success of its predecessor.

Teufel presents Impaq 400, its first complete DVD surround sound system. This 2.1 system features virtual surround sound technology, a DVD receiver, two satellite speakers and a subwoofer. It is a hit from day one and demand is overwhelming.

With System 9 THX Ultra 2, Teufel sets new benchmarks. Experts agree that it's the best THX system ever. Another innovation which really lets the audio rip is the hybrid technology Teufel brings to the market with Theater 4 Hybrid. This system features two active subwoofers powered by one amplifier each integrated in the columns.

In keeping with tradition, Teufel wins countless awards in trade publications and online portals, winning tests and having products named as reference speakers in all product areas.


Enhanced presentation to European markets

Teufel is nominated by the readers' of AUDIO, STEREOPLAY and VIDEO in six categories and wins all six times. Theater 10, Theater 5 Hybrid, iTeufel Box, Motive 2 and System 9 (twice) all win first place awards. Doubled success is enjoyed in Audiovision: System 5 and the M 1100 SW reach first place in the categories of home cinema sets up to € 1,500 and subwoofers. Massive success is also had in the "Golden Computer" awards of the magazines Computer Bild, Computerbild Games and Audio Video Foto Bild. System 5 secures second place in the audio rubric, right after the iPod Touch. In September, Teufel successfully launches into Europe, presenting itself with an English-language website and offering customers throughout the continent a comfortable and inexpensive way to enjoy top-class sound.

2009 The path of success continues

In January System 9 THX Ultra 2 becomes the first Teufel product to be chosen by an English-language trade publication (Home Cinema Choice) as a "best speaker system." The much-anticipated successor to System 5 THX Select is put on the market in October. System 5 THX Select 2 is the world's first THX Select 2 system meeting the even more stringent THX Select 2 requirements. Excellent test results in German and English trade publications (Area DVD, und Trusted are a testament to the system's excellence. At practically the same time, Teufel brings the first PC HiFi system to the market: Concept B 200 USB. This system is another innovative and unconventional Teufel solution which immediately enjoys positive test and sales success. Teufel presents its first soundbar, the Cinebar 50, which the magazine Heimkino calls both "outstanding" and a "low-price tip."

30 years of Teufel

Teufel looks back at 30 successful and full years and celebrates!

First anniversary products include the Ultima 800 high-end floor speakers, which are an impressive demonstration of Teufel's time-tested expertise in stereo sound.

Raumfeld joins Teufel

At the end of 2010, Teufel expands its offerings to audio streaming products through the purchase of Raumfeld GmbH. All Raumfeld products become available for purchase through Teufel's Internet platforms in Germany and throughout Europe. Through the purchase, Teufel betters its position to influence development in the rapidly converging computer and audio markets through network-enabled loudspeakers.