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Real Power
£ 129.99 
  • Premium over-ear HD headphones
  • Sturdy yet ultra-light for a barely-there feel
  • Premium construction with aluminium elements and robust synthetics
  • Ear cushions made from soft, abrasion-resistant hypoallergenic imitation leather
  • Large linear HD drivers & neodymium magnets for very detailed sound with extra bass
  • Powerful levels from any source device & good sound isolating qualities
  • 2 included cables are fabric covered for minimum microphonics
  • Comes with a 6.3 mm adapter and fabric case
REAL Z review of stereoplay

REAL Z review of stereoplay
Golden Ear Award 2016
All test reviews
£ 129.99 
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  • Free & easy returns
  • Directly from manufacturer

Transparent playback with a little added oomph

As the name suggests, our "Real" line of headphones were designed to produce authentic, true-to-source sound. The line’s flagship model, the Arueol Real, received many positive reviews for its neutral tuning and linear frequency response. The REAL Z continues in this tradition with an extra helping of rich, resonant bass for an added fun factor. 
Unlike many other bassy headphones, the REAL Z doesn’t neglect the rest of the frequency range. 44 mm linear HD drivers use powerful neodymium magnets together with low oxygen high-performance cable to create high distortion-free levels across a broad frequency range with enormous impulse fidelity.

Private concert

Compared to open headphones, the REAL Z’s semi-open design means that less sound leaks out into your environment. This is good news for everyone who plans to use these extremely comfortable headphones at work – your co-workers won’t be able to hear what you’re listening to. You’ll also hear less of the noise around you, handy when commuting by train or when you just want to tune out the world.

Attractive real aluminium accents and a soft faux leather headband and ear cushions make the REAL Z much more than just a vehicle for music enjoyment – it’s a stunning accessory.

Powerful sound from all source devices

The low impedance REAL Z musters the same powerful, distortion-free sound from just about any playback device: Music on MP3 players, smartphones, televisions, computers and notebooks is played back with the same strong, high-definition sound.
The REAL Z comes with a 1.3 meter and a 3 meter cable plus a 6.3 mm stereo jack for use at home with stereo systems and amplifiers. The fabric covering suppresses noise transmitted via body contact (so-called microphonics). The REAL Z also comes with a handy cloth bag for storage and travel.

Test the Real Z for up to 8 weeks.
Included components
  • REAL Z
  • Mini-jack 3.5mm connector cable (3.0 m)
  • jack 6,35 mm for Real Z
  • Soft-Case for Real Z
  • Mini-jack 3.5mm connector cable (1.3 m)
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Technical Data
High-end over-ear HD headphones.
Impedance 50 Ohm
Frequency range from/to 18 - 22000 Hz
Miscellaneous Sensitivity: 102 +- 4 dB @ 1 kHz
Miscellaneous 3.0 m and 1.5 m incl. stereo jack adapter
Weight 0.20 kg
Expert reviews
Test reviews
REAL Z review of stereoplay

REAL Z review of stereoplay
Golden Ear Award 2016
REAL Z review of International Business Times (Italian edition)
"Teufel Real Z Review: Semi-open headphones for lovers of design and quality"
International Business Times (Italian edition)18.11.2015
REAL Z review of KKSK
"A pair of headphones that adapt easily to any style, clearly oriented towards fun - a winner when it comes to detail."
REAL Z review of www.hifi-journal.de

REAL Z review of www.hifi-journal.de
"Generously apportioned deep and powerful bass tones are grounded by a very linear sonic foundation."
REAL Z review of EAR IN Kopfhörermagazin

REAL Z review of EAR IN Kopfhörermagazin
"Fun loving in the treble range, they don’t, however, overdo it. Rather, they sound open and give music the necessary space for a sound that is silky and never sharp."
EAR IN Kopfhörermagazin10.11.2015
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