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Wireless wonder
Teufel AIRY LE
£ 119.99 
  • Wireless on-ear headphones for music playback, telephony, & gaming in a limited edition colour
  • 40 mm linear HD drivers with neodymium magnets for clear, hi-fi sound from any device
  • High-capacity, quick-charging lithium ion battery for up to 20 hours of runtime
  • Buttons near the ear piece for directly controlling music playback and calls
  • Integrated handsfree function for standard phone use, Skype or Facetime
  • Comes with a cord for optional wired use +  transportation case
  • Bluetooth 4.0 for CD-quality wireless transmission

"The Teufel AIRY is a true champion and, with its great sound, features and possibilities, is among the best Bluetooth headphones on the market today."
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Teufel AIRY LE
£ 119.99 
Colour: stone - petrol
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  • 8 week right of return
  • Free & easy returns
  • Directly from manufacturer

Featherlight feel, heavy sound

The AIRY is compatible with all smartphones (iOS, Android, and Windows), PC, Macs, and MP3 players that have a Bluetooth interface. Play back the audio files you have stored on iTunes, Google Play or other music player along with audio from your favourite apps.

Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX and NFC

The AIRY contains the latest Bluetooth tecnology: Bluetooth 4.0. This guarantees a clear sound and stable connection along with the lowest possible power consumption. A range of at least 10 meters - and up to 30 meters depending on your location - gives you the freedom to move away from the source device without the transmission being interrupted. Most walls won't even break up the transmission.

The aptX codec used ensure CD-quality sound and is the best transmission codec available at the present time for Bluetooth interfaces. Even video soundtracks are conveyed synchronously with the picture, ideal for checking out your latest TV series or the news in bed.

Near Field Communication, or NFC, is the fastest and easiest way to connect your smartphone with the AIRY. Simply hold your device next to the headphones, confirm and connect. The AIRY can save the profiles of up to 6 different devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The perfect companion for your smartphone

An integrated microphone makes it possible to use your smartphone or a program like Skype or Facetime to make and receive calls on the AIRY. An additional frequency range on the microphone ensures better speech intelligibility compared to the microphones on most smartphones and is so placed that no disruptive breathing noises are relayed. The AIRY is, naturally, also compatible with voice recognition apps like Siri, Google Now, WhatsApp as well as speech-to-text applications. Dictating your shopping and to-do lists while jogging has never been easier!

The volume can be comfortably regulated on the AIRY directly. It’s also possible to stop a track or select a different one as well as accept and end calls on the headpones themselves. Control buttons near the ear cup make it possible.

The AIRY’s battery charges within a few short hours and lasts for at least 20 hours at medium volume. The headphones charge via an included USB micro cable on either a PC/Mac or smartphone adapter. The cable can also be directly plugged into a PC or other device for charging. If the battery is empty, it’s possible to continue to use the AIRY with an included cable – a feature not standard with other Bluetooth headphones.

Linear frequency response + Teufel bass

Our developers in Berlin designed the AIRY, like our award-winning Aureol Real headphones, for a linear frequency response along with a generous helping of Teufel bass that is far richer and punchier than most Bluetooth headphones can deliver. Powerful yet lightweight neodymium magnet HD drivers can push the headphones to amazing volumes without distortion. Thus equipped, the AIRY is a more than a match for any genre of music.

Since the AIRY’s Bluetooth functionality is able to bypass the often inferior headphone output on most smartphones, you’re guaranteed to get the most out of your digital music files.

Practical and comfortable design

Since the AIRY’s Bluetooth functionality makes it possible to wear the headphones while exercising, listening to music, calling a friend or gaming, we were careful to ensure that they were constructed to be as comfortable as posible without any pressure applied by the earpieces or headband. To this end a flexible, robust and adjustable headband with soft silicone padding was used. The earpieces are fashioned from supple yet strong imitation leather that lay against the ear instead of covering it completely. This is not only comfortable, it ensures that outside noises are effectively blocked allowing you to listen to your music without having to crank up the volume to the max. The closed construction also ensures that extremely little sound is leaked into the outside environment so that you don’t disturb those around you – perfect for the office or crowded areas.

A weight of just 150 g makes the AIRY one of the lightest Bluetooth headphones available anywhere.

superior quality and workmanship

The AIRY passed a drop test from a height of 1.5 meters with flying colours and the special highly flexible synthetics used in its contruction evince a stability in even extremely high and very low temperature. This means that you can even leave the AIRY in direct sunlight without having to worry about your headphones getting damaged. This level of temperature resistance is not found with many other headphones, but since the AIRY was designed to accompany you just about anywhere, it was an important feature for us.

The removable earpeices as well as the silicone headband are extremly easy to clean, so your AIRY will always look as good as new.

For those intances when no playback device with Bluetooth is available, the AIRY can be supplied with an audio signal by means of an included cable. Test the AIRY for up to 8 weeks.
Den Teufel AIRY gibt es jetzt in spezieller, attraktiver maxdome Farbgebung und inklusive 3 Monate maxdome gratis*. Sehen und hören Sie mit dem AIRY kabellos in beindruckender CD-Klangqualität aktuelle Blockbuster, Serien, Reportagen und mehr. Ganz egal wo: auf dem Smartphone, Tablet oder am PC/Notebook.

Der AIRY maxdome ist stark limitiert. Das Angebot gilt nur für kurze Zeit.

*3 Monate maxdome Monatspaket inklusive
„Das Angebot gilt ausschließlich mit dem Kauf eines Teufel AIRY und nur für Kunden, die in den letzten 12 Monaten kein maxdome Monatspaket abonniert hatten. Das maxdome Monatspaket berechtigt zum unbegrenzten Ansehen aller im maxdome Monatspaket enthaltenen Inhalte während der Laufzeit. Aus lizenzrechtlichen Gründen dürfen nicht alle bei maxdome verfügbaren Inhalte im maxdome Monatspaket angeboten werden. Wenn das maxdome Monatspaket nicht spätestens 14 Tage vor Ablauf der ersten 3 Monate gekündigt wird, verlängert es sich automatisch jeweils um einen Monat für 7,99€/Monat. Das maxdome Monatspaket kann dann jederzeit mit einer Frist von 14 Tagen zum Ende des jeweiligen Vertragsmonats gekündigt werden. Zur Einlösung des Gutscheins benötigt der Nutzer ein Nutzerkonto. Zur Erstellung des Nutzerkontos ist die Angabe persönlicher Daten (Name und E-Mail-Adresse) nötig. Der Gutscheincode ist nicht übertragbar. Das maxdome Monatspaket ist auch separat buchbar über maxdome.de für 7,99€/Monat. Gültigkeit des Gutscheins: bis 30.06.2017.“

Der Gutscheincode für „3 Monate maxdome Monatspaket“ wird nur in Verbindung mit dem Erwerb eines Teufel AIRY maxdome ausgegeben. Pro Bestellung wird nur ein Gutscheincode vergeben. Eine Anrechnung auf den Kaufpreis oder eine Barauszahlung des Warenwertes in Höhe von 23,97 € ist nicht möglich.

Kombination mit anderen Gutscheinen
Der Erwerb oder die Einlösung des Gutscheins „3 Monate maxdome Monatspaket“ ist nicht in Kombination mit anderen Aktionsgutscheinen oder Rabattcodes von Lautsprecher Teufel oder maxdome möglich.

Laufzeit des Angebots

Das Angebot gilt nur für Bestellungen, die ab dem 27.05.2015 bei Teufel eingehen. Die Aktion läuft solange der Vorrat reicht.

Ausübung eines Widerrufs- oder Rückgaberechts
Das Teufel-Produkt und der maxdome-Gutscheincode für „3 Monate maxdome Monatspaket“ werden nur zusammen abgegeben. Macht der Käufer von seinem gesetzlichen Widerrufs- oder vertraglichen Rückgaberecht Gebrauch, kann der Gutscheincode nicht mehr verwendet werden.

Der Maxdome-Gutschein für „3 Monate maxdome Monatspaket“ ist nur in Deutschland gültig und muss bis zum 30.06.2017 eingelöst werden.

Der Versand der Gutscheincodes für „3 Monate maxdome Monatspaket“ erfolgt mit der Teufel-Bestellbestätigungsmail.
Included components
  • Teufel AIRY LE Petrol
  • USB charging cable for AIRY bluetooth
  • transport pouch for AIRY bluetooth
  • Mini-jack 3.5mm connector cable (1.3 m)
Technical Data
Teufel AIRY LE
Teufel AIRY LE
Teufel AIRY LE
On-ear wireless Bluetooth headphones with integrated handsfree function, comfortable yet highly robust design and mega Teufel sound.
Impedance 32 (Kabel) Ohm
Frequency range from/to 20 - 19500 Hz
Miscellaneous Magnet: Neodym Maximaler Schalldruck nach EN50332-1 100 dB
Miscellaneous 40-mm-Linear-HD-Treiber
Stereo jack 3.5mm - in 1
Miscellaneous Mikrofon-Rauschunterdrückung, Mikrofon-Echounterdrückung
Bluetooth 4.0
Miscellaneous Bluetooth 4.0 mit apt-X®, Micro-USB-A
Standby-Function Yes
Automatic on/off Yes
Battery type Lithium-Ionen
Battery operating time 20 h
Battery max. charging time 3,5
Miscellaneous Empfindlichkeit: 104 +- 3 dB @ 1 kHz, 1 mW
Cable length 1.38 m
Weight 0.15 kg
Miscellaneous RoHS konform REACH konform
Expert reviews
Test reviews

"The Teufel AIRY is a true champion and, with its great sound, features and possibilities, is among the best Bluetooth headphones on the market today."
"Excellent build quality, pleasing minimalist flair, great battery life and a well-balanced sound. What's not to like?"
"The intensity in the midrange/treble remains consistently neutral and relaxed while the lower register conveys a combination of rich foundational tone and thoroughly spacious, musical playback.”
"What more can one ask for from a pair of wireless headphones?”
"The headphones offer a balanced tone; the bass hasn’t be neglected but isn’t unnaturally blown up as with many other contemporary headphones."
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