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Blu-ray Receiver Impaq 8000

The Sound Meister

The Impaq is among the best-sounding receivers in this price class, producing balanced playback with stable levels across the entire frequency range. Our engineers here in Berlin, Germany designed the Impaq with a premium class D amplifier from Texas Instruments for maximum performance from a relatively compact and easily placed enclosure.
Impaq 8000

All you need

The Impaq Blu-ray A/V receiver is a Blu-ray player, A/V receiver, network player, radio and much more. Measuring just 8 cm high, the Impaq is all you need to power your 5.1 home cinema system and play back a wide range of content.

The best connections

The Impaq offers every standard connection option. This means that any source device you’d like to use can be easily integrated into the system. In addition, every Teufel subwoofer can be wirelessly operated with the Impaq. The Blu-ray A/V receiver even supports 7.1 systems.

Pure power

The Impaq offers everything you need for authentic home cinema sound – and much, much more!
The Impaq is available with many variations of Teufel loudspeakers. All form complete systems that include speaker cables as well as an HDMI cable for connecting the Impaq to your television.

Of course, good old CDs can be played back as well. An extremely short loading time gets you to your music faster.

The Impaq supports the high resolution sound format from Dolby. Crystal-clear and dynamic cinema sound is guaranteed.

Your personal music and movie collections can be connected to the Impaq via the system’s USB port.

Subwoofers from Teufel can receive their audio signal wirelessly from the Impaq without any noticeable latency. You can, of course, opt to connect your subwoofer to the Impaq via audio cable.

The only thing you’ll need to enjoy Blu-ray movies in 3D with the Impaq are the glasses.

Simply hold your smartphone up to the Impaq and both will be connected via Bluetooth.

The Impaq can play all standard Blu-ray discs. Simply insert the disc of your choice into the easy-to-use and exceptionally quiet slot drive to enjoy a thrilling cinema experience.

The high resolution sound format from dts is supported by the Impaq Blu-ray receiver. You’ll enjoy crystal-clear and dynamic cinema sound.

The Impaq supports this popular sound format found on many DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

The standard Dolby sound format found on many DVDs and Blu-ray discs is supported.

If you’re looking for 4K support, look no further – the Impaq has it. It even offers an upscaling function for converting HD material into 4K.

An oldie but a goodie and naturally included with the Impaq. RDS allows you to save up to 30 individual stations.

Transmit music from your smartphone to the Impaq wirelessly. This is handy when it comes to playing back audio from apps like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube or your favourite podcasts. The system uses the aptX codec for the very best sound quality with music streamed via Bluetooth.

A good thing got even better

Tried and true qualities were kept and new features added.
Impaq 7000
Impaq 7000
  • Complete solution for ready-to-play home cinema sound
  • A/V receiver with integrated Blu-ray player
  • Easy controls
Impaq 8000
Impaq 8000
  • New, premium class D amplifier from Texas Instruments
  • An even more compact enclosure
  • 4K UHD upscaling
  • 4 instead of 3 HDMI inputs
  • Easy controls via standard TV remote via HDM CEC
  • Ability to transmit subwoofer signal wirelessly
  • Supports MKV-HD and DivX-HD videos
  • Bluetooth with AptX for excellent sound quality with streamed music
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