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Sales Area

  • The showroom

    Across 600 m2, the Teufel Flagshipstore offers everything a hi-fi and home cinema fan could desire. From sophisticated THX surround sound speakers to Bluetooth headphones, you’ll find it all here!
  • The showroom

    The Teufel showroom was once home to the legendary West Berlin club, Linientreu. Where David Bowie and Iggy Pop once partied, Teufel speakers now continue the legacy of cutting-edge sound.


  • Home cinema

    Well-equipped and acoustically optimised, Teufel’s presentation cinema allows visitors to experience home cinema at its finest.
  • TV sound

    Experience a range of TV sound systems in a relaxed atmosphere until you find the perfect loudspeakers for your living room.
  • Gaming

    Is your sound keeping up with your game? Come and test Teufel’s multimedia sound systems for the most realistic effects and immersive experience.
  • Stereo

    Music lovers can enjoy their favourites artists under perfect acoustic conditions. Test a variety of stereo speakers until you find the one you love.
Teufel Flagshipstore

Sound Lab

The sound lab, where our products are tested and fine-tuned, is located right here in the Flagshipstore. Watch the process of perfection firsthand!
Teufel Flagshipstore - Team


The whole team is brought together by a common purpose: Great sound. This unifying passion is our inspiration which we’re happy to share with you.
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