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Was ist THX?


Why choose THX?

THX is a trusted standard certifying the highest level of sound quality with movies and music. The playback of THX certified systems meet critera set forth by professional sound engineers.

THX certified loudspeakers guarantee:
  • Three identically constructed front speakers for a homogenous and precise soundstage.
  • Minimal distortion at high levels for consistently clear, detailed playback.
  • Nearly linear frequency response for highly transparent sound.
  • The use of dipoles as rear speakers for a natural, atmospheric sound.
  • THX home cinema sets achieve the same high, distortion-free levels as in professional theaters for a thrilling listening experience.
  • THX loudspeakers work well together with THX certified A/V receivers. The various settings such as the cut-off frequency, THX reference level, equalizer, etc are perfectly aligned.

THX® by Teufel

Teufel is Europe's largest THX manufacturer. You'll find it all here, from THX certified soundbars to the ultimate THX surround sound systems.
Cinebar 52 THXCinebar 52 THX
Speaker Bar
System 4 THX CompactSystem 4 THX
System 5 THX Select 2 CinemaSystem 5 THX
Select 2
System 8 THX CinemaSystem 8 THX
Ultra 2
System 10 THX UltraSystem 10 THX
Ultra 2
Room size to 40 m² to 40 m² to 50 m² to 100 m² to 150 m²
Expandable - to 11.2 to 11.2 to 11.2 to 11.2
Suitable for movie sound ++ +++ ++++ ++++ ++++
Suitable for music ++ +++ +++ ++++ ++++
Suitable for gaming ++ +++ ++++ ++++ ++++
Front speakers 2-way system 2-way system 2-way system 3-way system 3-way system
Dipole speakers - Yes Yes Yes Yes
£ 699.99
£ 659.99 Details
£ 749.99 Details
£ 1299.99
£ 1199.99 Details
£ 2599.99 Details
£ 6999.99 Details

THX® facts

  • THX was founded in 1983 by George Lucas, the visionary film director behind classic films like Star Wars and Indiana Jones.
  • Lucas realized a need to create a standard to ensure that those watching the same enjoyed the same sound experience, no matter what cinema they visited.
  • Teufel was awarded its first THX certification in 1996.
  • Skywalker Sound (Lucasfilm Ltd.) uses a System 10 THX® Ultra 2™, in order to create professional soundtrack mixes.

THX FAQ - Everything your need to know about THX!

Is THX compatible with Dolby True HD, Dolby Digital, DTS and DTS-HD?

Abolutely! THX is a sound standard while Dolby and DTS are sound formats. Sound formats are ways of storing and transmitting a movie's soundtrack. Some are multichannel, some are compressed, high definition, etc. The THX standard simply ensures that all of these incoming sound formats sound as good as possible.

Are THX speakers good for gaming?

Yes, THX speakers are very good for gaming. That's because they create a very realistic and spacious sound image. This will allows you to pinpoint where your opponent is approaching from with greater accuracy. The neutral tuning ensures that every game is played back with natural balance and excellent definition accompanied by a powerful bass foundation.

Are THX speakers good for music listening?

Of course! THX loudspeakers are optimized for multi-channel sound signals. The ability of the front speakers to realistically produce effects in a three dimensional soundstage make them equally well-suited for creating an excellent and highly differentiated stereo image.

Do I need to run my THX speakers with a THX certified A/V receiver?

Not necessarily! The A/V receiver you use, however, should have a minimum capacity of 90 watts per channel and match the performance of the speakers (maximum amplification power = approx. speaker long term load capacity). There are, however, advantages to using a THX A/V receiver. If you run it, for instance in the THX mode, many settings will be automatically selected.
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